Winter has finally arrived this week. Below are some recommendations how to keep your furnace running as the temperature drops.

Check/change Furnace Air Filter
An older filter will cause your furnace to work harder because of decreased air flow. By changing your filter every 3 months, you will likely increase airflow through your system allowing warm air to better circulate on cold days.

Run Furnace Fan to Keep Air Circulating
Running the furnace fan all the time means there’s less stale air in the home and can also help regulate cool and warm spots.

HVAC System Might Not Keep Up
Depending on the temperature outside, you may not be able to turn up your thermostat as high as you would like. Furnaces are rated to perform with a certain efficiency and can’t always keep up with the heat loss for a home when exterior temperatures are lowest. Occasionally, homeowners will add localized comfort with the use of temporary space heaters to keep specific rooms extra warm.

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