What are Boilers?

A boiler is a unit that produces what is known as “wet heat”, which comes in the form of either hot water or steam. The boiler heats water until it turns to steam or very hot water. This steam or water is sent from the boiler to the piping system throughout the home to provide efficient, economical and even heat. Boilers can also provide hot water to your home. There are many different sizing options to match any building or home, as well as a boiler efficiency level ranging from 81% up to and above 90% efficiency.

Wet Heat Basics

Our highly trained and certified technicians use a system of pipes specifically designed for your home or building. We go room by room and tie those pipes to radiant equipment placed in the room, so the heated water or steam can flow from the boiler as intended throughout the dwelling. Your typical room thermostat controls your call for heat if and when it is needed.

Boilers make sense when the home or building already has wet heat and we are either adding to an existing system or replacing an existing boiler with a newer more modern boiler.

There are also different efficiency ranges in boilers, depending upon the circumstances, the engineering application, and of course the budget to complete the installation.

Regular boiler system maintenance is critical to keeping it properly tuned and operating at the capacity and efficiency required. Coleman Heating is one of the most respected names in the wet heat or boiler replacement and service industry.

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